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What is Tech Practical?

In today’s era of digitisation, knowing relevant software have become very crucial for students to survive in the industrial environment. ‘Staad Pro Connect’ is the most popular software in the Civil Engineering Field used for Structural Analysis and Design purposes. It has codes and standards of almost all countries and an extremely user-friendly interface that makes life easy.

“Tech Practical” is a unique idea, of bringing the software expertise of seasoned engineers with practical experience to the doorstep of students awaiting to step into the field of structural engineering. Unlike many other courses, the courses at “Tech Practical” are conducted by people with first-hand experience, and real troubleshooting expertise and hence give a much-enhanced knowledge to actually use ‘Staad Pro Connect’ in industries and not just academia.

Why Choose Us?

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Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!


The average salary of structural engineer in UK is £36389 which equal to 35 lacs/year.


Structural Engineers are most successful in converting their job into business after few years of experience without heavy financial investment.


The average salary of structural engineer in Germany is €52,200 which equal to 43.2 lacs/year.


Staad Pro the most common software used in design worldwide

How It Works

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Civil engineering is that engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports,  pipelines, structural components of buildings, and railways.

As per a report published by India Today in 2019, for a developing country like India, infrastructure is predominant for economic progress. Being a capital-intensive industry, construction is an imminent contributor to the national economy as the range of consumers of the construction market has varied over the years.

The report emphasises the fact that the country needs approximately 4 million civil engineers on an average, over the next decade, to deliver potential real estate space and planned infrastructure. However, only 1.5 million is graduating every year. The article also went on to highlight the key factors leading to this problem, which are namely:

  1. Lack of Skilled Workforce

  2. Remuneration not at par with other industries


Along with suggested strategies for the academia which are:

  1. Qualified Faculty

  2. Mentorship & Training

  3. Placement Scenario


Also important strategies for the industry like:

  1. Providing Internship

  2. Industry-Academia Collaboration


Hence, it’s clear that in order to breach the gap between the education provided in universities and actual work experience, training conducted by experienced professionals can go a long way.

Courses We Offer


Staad Pro Connect

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Master Course

Staad Pro Connect


Steel Expert Course

Staad Pro Connect

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A range of conceptual courses to upgrade your skills



Tech Practical is the perfect institute to gain knowledge regarding civil software. I thank Vyankatesh Sir for giving in depth knowledge of structural analysis & design. The way he explains things was really impressive.

- Jyoti Lokhande

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