BOQ, Estimation, Stability Certificate

BOQ, Estimation, Stability Certificate

Stability Certificate

“Don’t Have Stability Certificate For Your Building, You Must Get It Done...”

Ensures safety

Legal Compliance

Building Resale Value

Building Rent-Out Requirement

BOQ & Estimation

“Get your estimates clear before you dig soil...”

Helps avoid cost overruns

Facilitates project planning

Reduces the risk of project delays

Enhances project quality

Proud Numbers Of BOQ & Estimation

Reasons Why Civil Engineers Are Switching To IT Industry

Importance Of Learning Form Industrial Experts.!


The average salary of structural engineer in UK is £36389 which equal to 35 lacs/year.


The average salary of structural engineer in Germany is €52,200 which equal to 43.2 lacs/year.


Structural Engineers are most successful in converting job into business after few years of experience.


Staad Pro the most common software used in design worldwide

What is Tech Practical?

In today’s era of digitisation, knowing relevant software have become very crucial for students to survive in the industrial environment. ‘Staad Pro Connect’ is the most popular software in the Civil Engineering Field used for Structural Analysis & Design purposes. It has codes & standards of almost all countries & an extremely user-friendly interface that makes life easy.

“Tech Practical” is a unique idea, of bringing the software expertise of seasoned engineers with practical experience to the doorstep of students awaiting to step into the field of structural engineering. Unlike many other courses, the courses at “Tech Practical” are conducted by people with first-hand experience, & real troubleshooting expertise & hence give a much-enhanced knowledge to actually use ‘Staad Pro Connect’ in industries & not just academia.

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